Public Speaking Skills and Your Eye Contact

Want to Be Better at Public Speaking?

Awesome public speaking also means great eye contact

Public Speaking
Eye Contact

If you want to have better public speaking skills, one of the ways to begin is to have great eye contact.

For many, that is easier said than done.

Here is an easy exercise to quickly help you develop better eye contact.

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The Key to Effective Communication Skills

Good Communication Equals Good Eye Contact

Eye contact for more effective communication skills

Eye contact – a part of effective communication skills!

Today, I have two words to share with you … Effective Communication. What
often makes a difference between getting your point across or not, is the way you
look at people…which is a vital part of effective communication skills.

As a former television news anchor, reporter and talk show host, followed by a speaking career as well as coaching people to make better presentations, I have seen the magic and good fortune that targeted, comfortable eye contact brings to the presenter.

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Spokesperson Training in Response to Terrorism

No More Terrorism

Spokesperson Training in Response to Terrorism

Spokesperson training and being able to handle crisis communication situations are a must in the age of terrorism.

The article entitled Spokesperson Training: Top 10 Crisis Communication Tips in the Age of Terrorism provides you key insights as how to handle the media when you are called into spokesperson role.  Crisis Communication Tips in the Age of Terrorism …


Entreprenuers – See How Public Speaking Helps Your Marketing Plan

Entrepreneurs must embrace public speaking in business

Public Speaking
An Important Key To Being
An Entrepreneur

If you’re in business, this article will motivate you to be a public speaker. Public speaking can and should become a part of every entrepreneur’s marketing plan. Often, the entrepreneur focuses time on building their business by talking to people one-on-one. It is equally important to talk to larger groups of people via public speaking for three key reasons.  Public Speaking and Entrepreneurs –
a must read.

Public Speaking and Customer Service – How do these work hand in Hand?

Public Speaking and Old World Customer Service

An Immigrant
Public Speaking
and Customer Service

My Grandfather had an uncanny way of using public speaking and customer service to take care of his patrons.  In a moment of nostalgia, I thought back to all we can learn from what my Grandfather had to teach us.  What do you do to take care of your clients and customers?  Here’s an article for you to read called Public Speaking, Customer Service and The Cigar Store.

During a business presentation, how would you go the extra mile?

Business Presentations

Business Presentations
and Selling

Here’s a great story about a professional who went the extra mile during a business presentation.  What tips have worked for you?  When you read this article on business presentations, let me know if you have ever done anything like the professional in the article.

Public Speaking and Heartfelt Truth

Miracle of Speaking Heartfelt Truth

Speak from heart
Speak your truth

Now Maybe Finally™:  The Miracle of Speaking Truth

I want to share with you how someone named Naomi benefited from a conversation we had and the heart-felt observations she made that will help all of us.  Her moving observations will be inspirational whether we are public speaking, handling a relationship issue or simply walking our talk in life each day.

Get rid of limiting beliefs and become a natural at public speaking with these 10 dynamite tips.


Body Language, Public Speaking and Pregnancy

Linda the day before giving birth to her daughter

Body Language and Pregnancy

Do body language and the words we speak really work hand-in-hand?

Entrepreneurs, sales people, executives and individuals from all walks of life do better when it comes to public speaking if they understand body language.

The pregnant woman to the left has taught about the secrets of body language for decades.

Learn more about how she uses this picture when teaching body language.  Click here for insights on body language.



Body Language and Presidential Politics

Governor Romney

Politics and Body Language

During a presidential election, body language is in the news everyday whether we think about it or not.  Subliminally, each candidate speaks to us through his or her body language.

Public Speaking and Politics

Public Speaking and Politics

This blog posting will let you in on the secrets of body language and presidential politics.

Sometimes, you might not believe a politician because the body language is inconsistent with the words that are being spoken.

And, subliminally, the body language may speak louder than the words.