Public Speaking, Business Presentations & Facing the Media

Are you tired of clients & audiences not listening to you or remembering what you said?

  • Do you want to improve your bottom line via outstanding presentations?
  • Do you really want to be a better speaker?
  • Do you wish you knew how to handle the media if you had to face them?

Finally, here’s your answer to

Imagine that you  …

  • Speak like a seasoned pro
  • Answer questions with poise
  • Tell memorable and succinct stories
  • Handle the media with grace and ease
  • Receive standing ovations
Public Speaking

Make Speaking Easy
Don’t Pull Your Hair Out

Linda Blackman, CSP, who you see pictured to your left, knows the feeling of wanting to pull your hair out because of the anxieties that could come from stage fright and other common speaking anxieties.

Linda is a motivational speaker and former television news anchor.

Linda knows how to teach you to overcome speaking anxieties and more.

Linda shows you how to confidently address any audience, let your personality and message shine, along with showcasing your expertise through your content and delivery.

Being unique and memorable is what Signature Speaking™ is all about.  Just like your signature is uniquely yours and no one has a signature just like yours … no one else can share your expertise and stories the way you will through Signature Speaking™.

"Public Speaking"

Linda Blackman, CSP
Certified Speaking Professional

Linda’s clients include heart-centered entrepreneurs, visionary leaders and executives who have to speak at meetings, win-over new clients or customers and handle the media

Linda lets her clients in on the secrets of how to:

  • Speak with confidence
  • Get rid of being a bundle of nerves
  • Give a great media interview
  • Sell more effectively through better presenting
  • Become a storyteller who makes meaningful, memorable points
  • Dazzle an audience with a powerful, lasting message

Linda is a Certified Speaking Professional, one of only 578 people worldwide to have received the highest earned designation given by the speaking industry.  She is a real speaking and media insider who shows you the right ways to answer questions posed by your audiences and the news media.  Linda is an author, newspaper columnist and an award winning broadcast journalist who knows how to help you transform every presentation into a lasting memory for your audiences and clients, letting you in on the Signature Speaking™ Secrets to enhance your bottom line while you’re presenting.

Linda knows how to make speaking easy and painless for you and your audience.  Linda shows you how to make a positive lasting impression on your audiences and clients – turning them into an extension of your marketing team!  Linda helps you find your voice and your signature stories.  Click here for more information on Linda.

Signature Speaking™ is For You If You Have Ever Thought Any of The Following

  • I am nervous wreck when I have to speak to groups or the media
  • I wish I didn’t have any speaking anxiety
  • I wish I knew how to better connect with people
  • I wish I knew how to tell great stories
  • I want standing ovations from my presentations

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Linda and Buca, her dog


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